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Google is not only a search engine, it also is a platform for businesses of all sizes to advertise, search and distribute content. This study looks at the economic impact that Google has on Mexico’s economy.

Deloitte published a study that focuses on the impact Google has on third party benefactors of Google in Mexico, rather than direct employees of Google in Mexico. The economic impact of Google in Mexico is measured by internet penetration and increasing smartphone adoption.

The internet has significantly lowered barriers to entry in Mexico for small and medium sized businesses. As Mexicans grow in their use of search engines, more businesses are able to connect with potential customers. Tools such as AdWords and search have generated between MXN$ 7,000 and MXN$ 24,000 million in economic activity from their ad spend in these services in 2015. It is estimated that this activity supported between 20,000 and 70,000 jobs across all sectors of the Mexican economy.

Google has also been useful in Mexico for content creators. YouTube in particularly has been successful in Mexico, a country where 79% of the population uses their phones to watch video content regularly. The Mexican population is also willing to share video content. In addition, small businesses are also using YouTube as a free marketing tool.

Google has also proven useful for modernizing webpages and traditional online content. Adsense in particular has seen growth in Mexico, as has DoubleClick, both of which monetize online content. Supporting consumer choice and entrepreneurship in mobile has also been a recent advancement of Google in Mexico. Finally, supporting digital skills in Mexico and supporting business productivity are two other areas Google has advanced the economy in Mexico.